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How it works

Personally crafted

# Custom designed only by Esha

# No standard itineraries

# International and domestic

Transparent Pricing

# No deals, discounts or offers

# Better than online deals

# Flexible payment options

Technology Free

# Nothing more than email

# No pesky apps

# No call centers

# No chat bots for support

One Stop Solution

# Flights

# Visa and Forex

# Hotels and Sights

# Adventure and Off-beat

technology free holidays

Say NO to Algorithms AI/ML Chatbots and all that jazz

Holidays are meant to detox. From the stress of everyday life. From the constant interruption of your mobile phones as you try to live your life.

Welcome to technology free holidays. Email is the highest form of technology we use. No pesky apps, robotic call centres, blah blah - you get it. Good old human interaction with an actual expert.

Give it a shot. Its free

The team


A travel enthusiast by birth, Esha brings 12+ years of experience working with the biggest travel firms across the country. This is not counting the few years of her life she has spent travelling herself. A person who will stay up all night if you have an early morning flight to catch, pick a destination and let Esha weave her magic. Or better still, just take a Few Days Off and let her do the rest !


When someone is as passionate about travel like Esha is, they tend to ignore the other aspects of running a company – like finance, marketing, HR (so what if its only two people), strategy, etc. That’s where Sidhdharth comes in. An MBA in marketing and finance from IIM Lucknow, Sidhdharth is the invisible hand that allows Esha to focus on what she loves and does best

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