Ancient cities, modern metropolises, gorgeous coastal resorts, and remote towns on the edge of the desert – Morocco is the exotic country on Europe’s doorstep that can’t wait to welcome you. Morocco is often referred to as a cold country with a hot sun. Summers can be exceptionally hot and winters can be chill to the bone. Morocco’s ranges of climates greatly fluctuate due to the country’s geographic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Destinations Duration Reasons to visit Peak season Off Season
Marrakech 2 mosques, markets, shopping, food Oct-May (varies across the country June-Sept (summer). Not recommended in Ramadan
Casablanca 1 culture, architecture, waterfront, nightlife
Fez 2 culture, history, synagogues, old-world charm
Rabat 2 architecture, history, beaches, old-world charm
Atlas mountains 1 desert, mountain, nature, trek, camping

Morocco has a wide diversity of places to see and experience and can be entirely fulfilling on its own without clubbing it with other European or North African destinations – unless you are planning to take a month long break!

Here’s a collection of the most delectable images of the country for your eyes

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